Pricia Acquires Software Platform For Pharmaceutical Pricing Management

Copenhagen – June 2024
Pricia, a challenger in innovative pricing software solutions for the Pharmaceutical and MedTech industry, proudly announces the acquisition of the Pricing360 Software, a leading pharmaceutical pricing software, from the innovator Adri van den Berg. Under the umbrella of Pricia, Pricing360 will be rebranded as Atlas360. This strategic acquisition enhances Pricia’s offerings, enabling the delivery of a fully integrated pricing software solution to support pharmaceutical companies’ pricing excellence journey.

The Atlas360 software platform is developed to address the evolving needs of pharmaceutical, medtech, and biotech enterprises, providing unparalleled pricing & revenue optimization capabilities. Leveraging Microsoft technologies, data analytics, and industry expertise, Atlas360 empowers organizations to streamline Pricing operations, Pricing forecasting, maximize profitability, and ensure regulatory adherence.

“Pricia’s acquisition of Pricing360 Software marks a significant milestone in our journey to empower pharmaceutical companies with cutting-edge pricing solutions,” says Paw Trebbien, CEO. “With Atlas360, we are poised to redefine how pricing are being managed in the industry, offering deep expertise, next level client service and a Microsoft-based technology platform that connects internal and external data sources for enhanced decision-making. This software is setting us up for the future of pricing with preparations for machine learning and AI”

“My gratitude knows no bounds and my heartfelt appreciation to Pricia, a company with clear vision bringing change to pricing departments in the pharmaceutical industry, becoming the custodian of the Pricing360 Platform. This new chapter, will pave the way for boundless opportunities and continued growth for Pricia and the redeveloped and renamed Atlas360 Platform”

About the Atlas360: It combines intelligent automation with comprehensive analytics, enabling seamless pricing processes, incentive management, and contract optimization. By harnessing the power of Atlas360 integrated Microsoft Azure cloud platform, clients gain unprecedented visibility and control over their Pricing and gross to net transparency, driving sustainable growth and operational efficiency.

Pricia’s innovative approach to pricing is recognised, earning the trust of industry leaders worldwide. The introduction of Atlas360 underscores Pricia’s commitment to driving digital innovation and delivering tangible pricing results in the pharmaceutical sector.

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About Pricia:
Pricia is a leading provider of innovative pricing software solutions and Pricing & Market Access consulting for the pharmaceutical industry. With a focus on revenue optimization and compliance, our cutting-edge platform empowers organizations in a dynamic pricing environment. Trusted by industry leaders worldwide, Pricia is committed to driving digital pricing innovation and delivering tangible business results.

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Founder & CEO

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